Content distribution

Substance Digital can deliver your DCPs in multiple ways, including distribution on physical carriers such as hard drives or USB flash drives, or transmission via internet or satellite.

Electronic distribution
Before long, the physical delivery of hard drives will be a thing of the past. Our partner Qube is already working on the fastest and most secure form of IP delivery, which we will soon be able to offer all our clients. Downloading trailer DCPs through our online catalogue is already a breeze – once you are logged in to your Substance profile, you will easily find all the material you need complied.

KDM generation
We have developed an internet-accessible KDM application to allow distributors to manage their own keys. The desktop version enables keys to be generated in batches and sent to cinemas, while the smartphone app makes it possible to generate several keys and send them to a cinema with a single tap of the screen.

Distribution on physical carriers
CRU hard drives are still the most widespread method for shipping movie DCPs to cinemas. Our solution allows DCPs to be uploaded quickly and securely to the cinema’s data storage device over the hard drive’s eSATA connection.

More Services

Trailer delivery

We make it easy to download your trailers from our website in the version you need.

Auto-KDM delivery

Simply enter the screenings into the form on your Substance account and the KDMs will be delivered automatically in just the way you need them.

Premiere & festival support

In collaboration with our partner Qube, we are able to offer special terms for festivals and premiere screenings. Please contact us for details.

Territory partnerships

Are you looking to distribute your film to the German-speaking countries of Europe, but are yet to find a suitable distribution partner? Contact us for a quick and easy solution tailor-made for you.