Mastering & localisation

There is still plenty of work to do to turn an outstanding film into a distributable DCP. Let us be your partner on the road: Entrust us with mastering, subtitling, versioning, corrections, localisation, copies and KDM-management to be sure your film will be in its best shape in each and every movie theatre or festival all over Europe.

We have been mastering movies for over five. Ask about our comprehensive packages: Subtitles, sound, frame rate or other corrections, mastering and copies, all with our Substance Quality Guarantee.

Translation & Subtitling
Translating for film is a special skill. It is both translating from one language into another, and translating from spoken language into language that is readable. The translator must condense the spoken text into a manageable reading speed for the viewer. Our freelance translators, all of them with vast experience, are pros at this.

Existing DCPs can be adapted. It’s possible, for instance, to replace or add leaders or to provide a DCP with a different soundtrack. Adding one or more subtitle tracks to a DCP is one way of making a film suitable for sceening in different countries.

More Services

3D subtitling

We are specialists in the subtitling of 3D films and have our own bespoke solution for the accurate placement of subtitles.

Trade show clips

Need to showcase your forthcoming releases? Let Substance Digital create the perfect showreel for your next trade show.

Censor changes & edits

Substance Digital regularly works alongside classification houses and censorship bodies internationally to ensure features meet local standards.

VOD workflows

Need a version of your film for Video on Demand? Need to adapt the subtitles and the picture? None of this is a problem for us.