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Qube Wire and Substance Digitla featured in Huffington Post

HUFFINGTON POST– February 14, 2017 – “The Berlinale 2017 Diaries: Films by Garbarski and Tamasese, Winterbottom’s Rock & Roll and Qube Cinema”

Qube Cinema and Substance Digital

During a frigid Berlin afternoon, I found respite in the lobby bar of the Ritz-Carlton, where the buzz was feverish all around and every conversation was about cinema. There I was introduced to Nigel Dennis, Head of International Business Development for Qube Cinema and Frederic Schladeur of Substance Digital, their partners in Germany.

I asked Dennis to explain Qube Wire, their latest innovation, in terms even I could understand. “Qube is a company that’s been around for 30 years, owned by Real Image Media Technologies, a huge company of 1,200 employees in India, and a lot of our work comes out with them, working in mastering productions. Literally when a movie is finished, they will take it and do the post-production,” he explained. Then continued, “Real Image, about 25 years ago, bought their own cinemas and wanted to start moving things around electronically rather than by film. Obviously at that time it was 35 mm. And the amazing thing about it is that the industry in India, of what was then called e-cinema, started this method of moving things around before the industry in Hollywood.” Dennis then simplified the idea further, “an analogy I make is that if you look at the flight booking market you have literally gone to a system where you think of where you want to fly, you go online on any sort of search engine and you can pick your flight; with the film industry we are still living in the 1980s, you have to go to your travel agent, give him a call, ask him if it’s possible to fly at a certain time, he’ll come back with an answer, you may have to go into the travel agency and sit with him, pay for it, the whole scenario.”

So what Qube Wire is doing then, Dennis clarifies, “we’re bringing the online booking scenario to the film industry, so somebody will shoot film, they’ll make a digital cinema package, once they’ve got that, the end film that goes to the cinemas, they upload that to Qube Wire, it gets archived in the Cloud. And once it’s in that environment the person who has the content rights — be it the sales agent or the initial owner — can say, OK, I’ve sold 10 screens in New Zealand, where are they, search in our database, give them the dates, book it in, press the button, confirm the dates and the booking is done.” Thus eliminating all the silliness in between, to paraphrase Dennis.

Filmmaker to audience, safely, without a need for the middleman, and no danger of piracy. Done!

E. Nina Rothe,

Substance Digital is the new partner for Qube in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

To marry the latest DCI technology with local competence and a focus on client satisfaction – this is the aim of the partnership between Qube and Substance Digital, starting February 2017. As German partners for Qube, we are proud to offer the highest quality DCI mastering and delivery solutions to our market. Stay tuned for more details and come and see us in Berlin!

Substance Digital launches new website

Just in time for the Berlinale festival, we are proud to launch our new website. Please feel free to take a look around and find what you need as a producer, distributor or cinema. On 11 February, you will have the unique opportunity to meet our team face to face. Please keep an eye out for your personal invitation to the launch of our partnership with Qube.